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    Basic Kit

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    VOM basic kit is a starter pack to make clouds and play with your edible imagination.

    Innovative technique that encapsulates flavour and aroma in flying edible clouds, shape and serve as a garnish to amaze your customers with unlimited recipes.

    We recommend getting the Technical Kit / Pro Kit for more control and reduced helium costs. 

    The accessories and elements that compose the VOM Basic Kit allow the user to generate flying clouds of fine bubbles filled with helium gas, with an infinite number of flavors and aromas, forming clouds, figures, discs or creative shapes with the necessary buoyancy to rise in the air.

    These ethereal bites can be served as a decorative or gustatory element or as a WOW effect!

    Bartenders, Chefs and Pastry Chefs, with VOM the imagination comes back to power.

    Package includes:

    VOM device - Glass tube, base and filter.

    100g Formula F1

    Spoon - to cut and serve clouds

    3 Small drinks holders - transparent 


    Tube & Adaptor for disposable helium bottle